Driving times from Caen and Calais

Google map with driving times from Calais or Caen for carp venues

Another first

Notaire's lakes have installed online air and water monitoring

First in France

Lake Meillant

We have just added the beautiful Chalet and Meillant Lakes for David Rance. David told us that his was the first business to provide carp fishing holidays in France back in the eighties and virtually had to pay people to fish the…

Alder Lake joins the 50 club

Alder lake joined the 50 club as young Joe landed the lakes first 50lb'er. in August. Then Mark Swindel landed 51-8 with his first fish on 31/8/13.

Where are the carp lakes?

I did a chart based on the google calculations of the driving time from Calais to the venues. As you can see from the graph the majority of the listed venues are between 5 to 7 hours driving time.

What does this mean? well if you limit your driving range to 4 hours or less you are missing out on almost 80% of the available carp venues.

Food for thought!

World Record Common landed at Etang La Saussaie

World record common carp of 100lbs 8oz claimed at Etang La Saussaie

How far?

Calculating the distance to the venue

Lake owners beware

Beware of scams promising front page on Google

Weather forecast for venues

A weather feed has been added to each venue

65lb mirror landed at Mirror Pool

Lewis Daneshi landed a 64lb 120z mirror carp at the Mirror Pools Fishery, France

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