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Dedicated to finding the best carp fishing holiday

  • Start at the Find lakes page.
  • You can reduce the number of lakes shown by using the filters. You can refine your selection based on lake and fish size, driving distance, accommodation & food package.
  • All driving times are comparable as they are calculated by Google, Both Calais and Caen are shown, not just the nearest fishing port!
  • Click on the venue icon to open up a summary of the venue
  • Either click on the 'goto venue' button to jump directly to the venue page or select up to 10 lakes to compare head to head
  • Check out the detail page by clicking on the lake name (such as Les Basses Berthières)
  • Use the satellite map on the venue page to zoom in and look around the lake, check for the proximity of noisy roads, railways or factories, check if the venue really is in the countryside!
  • Use the contact button to request availability and other information from the venue
Random french carp lake: >>>Bears lake